Nt2 State Exam 1 Preparation
Get well prepared for the State Exam Program 1

Nt2 State Exam 1 Preparation

Level before course: A2+/B1
Level after course: B1

What are the NT2 State Exams: If you are a non-native Dutch speaking adult and wish to work or study in The Netherlands, you can proof your national language proficiency with this diploma: State Exam NT2 (NT2 = Dutch as a second language). It is officially recognised by the Dutch government.

There are 2 State Exams:
Program 1: for those who wish to work or study at vocational level (MBO). The level of the exam = B1.
Program 2: for those who wish to work or study at higher education level (HBO) or University level. The level of the exam = B2.

The 4 exams consist of Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing. After you have passed all 4 exams, you will receive your NT2 diploma.

Course content: This ABC course prepares participants for the NT2 State Exam Program I which is an intermediate exam for Dutch students. This is an ideal level for anyone who wants to work or study in a Dutch-speaking environment. It shows that you are becoming skilled in this language.

In the course we will work with real sample exams, and provide you with all the tips, tricks and feedback you need to pass the exams successfully. All aspects of the exam, Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing are given equal importance.

By giving you the ’best of the best’ of many sample exams, we carefully monitor your development and advise you when you will be ready to take the exams.

Course dates

24 Oct + 31 Oct + 7 Nov 2020 Saturdays 9:30-12:30h

Course information

  • Location: Vijverhofstraat 47
    3032 SB Rotterdam
  • 3 weeks, 3 hrs per week
  • Level A2+ to B1
  • 3 - 8 students
  • €195,-

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