Meet the Team

We welcome you!


Founder / Director / Teacher

Hi and welcome to ABC Dutch! Real glad you’re here. I have been an NT2 Teacher since 2006.
At ABC Dutch we care about each individual student and their progress, therefore we only provide you with native, dedicated, inspiring, experienced and certified Dutch teachers who will put YOU and your wishes, needs and development first. In a serious, yet fun way, we will make sure you achieve your goals learning or improving your Dutch.


Manager / Teacher

Hi, my name is Marloes. I’ve been working as a Dutch teacher since 2011 and I live in The Hague; I find both very inspiring! I love teaching because every class is different and for me I enjoy teaching you something that you can use straight away in your daily life - for example to be able to say what you’re up to in Dutch, improving the pronunciation of the Dutch ’g’ (as in ’Scheveningen’ ;-)) or answering your difficult questions about Dutch grammar: I really enjoy this as well as living in The Hague. It’s so nice to live close to the beach! I hope to see you soon in class to take your Dutch to the next level!



Hi, I’m Vincent. Languages and communication are the driving force behind my career. Fascinated by the opportunities languages provide and their imposing limits at the same time, I enjoy teaching Dutch as a second language. I love playing with words and grammar, working in an international setting with students who all have their unique background, their unique story. Being fully aware of the challenge they took up by learning a new foreign language, I offer a diverse program. To me it is essential to have a pleasant and informal atmosphere, which guarantees that learning Dutch and having fun can go hand in hand. See you in class!


Director Rotterdam / Teacher

Hello! My name is Renee. When I found myself in front of a class for the first time back in 2009 I instantly knew: this is it! The Dutch language has always fascinated me and I love passing on my knowledge and passion to others - even if they don’t ask for it ;-). There’s a lot of interaction in my lessons, you will receive a lot of feedback and I explain grammar in an easy and simple way. Being creative I love games, songs and drawing: this makes all lessons effective as well as fun! And probably most important is a good atmosphere with a great sense of humor. I look forward to it! You too?



My name is Boris and I was born in Leiden where I also studied Dutch linguistics at university. Since 2011, I have been enjoying teaching students from various countries. I find the international character of this work very inspiring. During my lessons I always try and create an informal atmosphere in which the passing on of knowledge can flow easily. If you would also like to take your Dutch to a higher level, then I will hopefully see you in class



My name is Elize and I’ve been a Dutch teacher for quite a while now. There’s an extra dimension to the lessons at ABC Dutch due to the different nationalities of the students.
Besides the Dutch language, everyone likes to learn about the Dutch culture as well. This makes our groups very motivating and fun at the same time! I find it important to create a good atmosphere and I will make sure everyone always feels comfortable in class. Hope to welcome you soon!



Hi! My name is Aneta. I started working as a language teacher twelve years ago. I find languages fascinating. Learning a new language truly has the potential to change your life and offers an alternative perspective on how to see the world. It’s very important to have teachers who make you feel enthusiastic and comfortable, and don’t make grammar more complicated than it already is. Successful education of any kind must be engaging, and the best way to capture students’ attention is to make lessons fun! I wish you the very best with your language journey and hope we meet soon at ABC Dutch!



My name is Antonette and since 2011 I’ve been teaching Dutch with much pleasure. The Dutch language, and especially grammar, is my passion. To me it is really important to teach students at the right level, to make (and keep) you enthusiastic about Dutch and to not only pay attention to things you still have to learn but also focus on everything you already know well. I hope to see you soon at ABC Dutch



Hello, I'm Anja. I love speaking different languages. It's amazing to be able to converse with people in their mother tongue. I also admire it when people decide to learn Dutch. Even though for some of you learning Dutch isn't necessary to survive from day to day while you’re out and about, I'm convinced it will enrich your life here. As a teacher, I focus on creating a fun learning experience and coaching you in creating simple habits around the language learning process. I believe these two elements will make learning Dutch a breeze, or at least a lot more pleasant 😉



Hello there! My name is Thomas. I have always been fascinated about how languages differ in the way you can express yourself in them. Because of that I focussed on studying languages and general linguistics during my studies. While teaching, I always try to connect these two elements together.  Furthermore, I place great emphasis on creating an informal atmosphere during class. In these lessons, I especially enjoy playing language games with students and sometimes I even participate myself.



My name is Jacqueline. Since 2017, I’ve been enjoying teaching Dutch as a second language. In my lessons I integrate current or daily topics. I use fun and active work forms and language games. Students playfully work together to master the Dutch language. My priorities are to increase self confidence to speak Dutch and a good atmosphere in class! It’s also very nice when international students can share their experiences regarding Dutch culture together. I think it's important to maintain variety and pace in the lessons and for students to enjoy coming to class. Learning a language is simply fun.



Hi, I'm Roy. I've been working as a Dutch teacher since 2013. The emphasis of my lessons is on playfulness, fun, creativity and how people learn from a science perspective. Everyone is different, learns differently and has different needs, so I like to create my classes with you in mind, thinking about what works best for you. I get inspiration for my lessons based on research about how people learn and how they process information most effectively. This is related to my passion for Neuroscience and the work I do in this field.



Hello, my name is Peter and I am a Dutchman with some Flemish blood. I am curious by nature and I’ve been an NT2 teacher since 2003 and have a background in both teaching Dutch as a second language and art.. In my younger days, I was a graphic designer. My life is filled with different languages and culture. I love meeting new people of different nationalities and teach them Dutch as clearly as possible. And of course, there’s a lot of fun, variety and interaction in my lessons. Together we will take your Dutch to a higher level.



Behind every language you learn lies a new world. A world of knowledge, habits, encounters and opportunities. I am Staf, Nt2 teacher since 2015, and I am happy to guide you on your journey of discovery. I do this with great pleasure and involvement. I enjoy it when my students slowly start to feel more at home in the Netherlands through the language. In my lessons we work with grammar, collect new words and talk about Dutch culture. But what we're going to do most of all is practice. How do I introduce myself to the neighbours? What do I say to the doctor? What articles are in my local newspaper? Through varied and lively lessons, I hope that you will gain enough confidence to start using Dutch in your daily life and to continue to do so even after the courses are over. Do you want to go on a journey of discovery together? Then join me at ABC Dutch!



Welcome! How nice that you’d like to learn Dutch! My name is Andrea and I was born in Rotterdam. I love languages and cultures and love working with people from all over the world. I also speak French and a little Portuguese and Italian and I love music. I would like to pass on my love for the Dutch language to you, so that you can make contact with other Dutch people, both privately and at work. I’d also like to tell you more about the Netherlands and Dutch customs. In my classes I ensure a pleasant, casual atmosphere and variety. This way you’ll learn a lot of new words and you’ll be able to quickly construct good Dutch sentences. I will motivate you, stimulate you and give you the confidence to speak Dutch. I look forward to seeing you in my class!



My name is Manon and I’ve been an NT2 teacher since 2007. I’ve always had a special love for the Dutch language and I’ve been lucky to be able to put that love into my work. Being an Nt2 teacher is what I love best. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others in their first steps with Dutch or guiding students towards a better command of this difficult language. To create a good atmosphere in class is an absolute must for me. My lessons are therefore pleasant and educational, with an eye for individual needs.