Nt2 State Exam 1 Preparation
Get well prepared for the State Exam Program 1

Nt2 State Exam 1 Preparation

Level before course: A2/B1-
Level after course: A2+/B1

What are the NT2 State Exams: If you are a non-native Dutch speaking adult and wish to work or study in The Netherlands, you can proof your national language proficiency with this diploma: NT2 State Exam (NT2 = Dutch as a second language). It is officially recognised by the Dutch government.

There are 2 State Exams:
Program 1: for those who wish to work or study at vocational level (MBO). The level of the exams = B1.
Program 2: for those who wish to work or study at higher education level (HBO) or University level. The level of the exams = B2.

The 4 exams consist of Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing. After you have passed all 4 exams, you will receive your NT2 diploma.

If you haven’t reached level A2 yet, you can join one of our evening courses between level A0-A2, or join our day course Intensive A2. For all students between level A2 and B1, we offer these courses:

* Day course: Semi-Intensive B1 (consists of 4 separate courses from level A2 to B1)
* Evening course: Intermediate 1 (level A2 to A2+)
* Evening course: Intermediate 2 (level A2+ to B1)

During these courses we also help and guide students wanting to prepare well for the State Exams Program 1. We will provide you with real sample exams, and give you all the tips, tricks and feedback you need to pass the exams successfully.

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Course dates

Semi-Intensive B1
Intermediate 1
Intermediate 2

Course information

  • Location: Hugo de Grootstraat 37
    2518 EC The Hague
  • Level A2 to B1
  • 3 - 10 students
  • €320

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