Learn to speak fluently at a high level


Level before course: B1 or above
Level after course: B1+/B2-/B2

This course is for students with a level between B1 and B2. If you want to be able to communicate fully and without hesitation in Dutch, this course will help you further to achieve your goals. Level B2 is a must if you want to be able to live and work in a Dutch-speaking environment comfortably.

Only Dutch is spoken in class and the teacher will correct you in a positive and stimulating way where necessary. You will learn significantly more vocabulary, as you’ll be introduced to thousands of new words that you will practice speaking with your fellow students and teacher. We’ll go over important and complex grammar, you’ll give presentations and learn to write flawlessly in Dutch. We also pay a lot of attention to the typical Dutch way of communicating and which phrases and expressions you can use in various situations. We work on your pronunciation and get you familiar with the different accents that the Dutch use.

In class we work with the study book Nederlands op Niveau. Many different topics are discussed, all of which are very useful and applicable in daily life. We always provide a stimulating, productive and fun atmosphere in our courses. Our students often feel extra energetic and satisfied after class!

This course also works towards successful preparation for the NT2 State exam Program 2. This certificate is required for university entrance and enables you to apply for jobs at university level. 

Method: Nederlands op Niveau (€48,50) ISBN 9789046904411 – level B1 to B2. It takes 3 courses to complete the entire book. You can add the book to your cart after you’ve booked your course. You will then receive it from your teacher on your first day of class.

Our next B1-B2 course is the Nt2 course starting 14th March. You can find all information here: https://www.abcdutch.com/courses/nt2-state-exam-ii-prep/

Course dates

10 January - 7 March 2023 Tuesdays 19:30-21:30h*

Course information

  • Location: Hugo de Grootstraat 37
    2518 EC The Hague
  • 8 wks, 2 hrs p/week
  • Level B1 to B2
  • 3 - 10 students
  • €275

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