We have 2 locations in The Hague:
- Haagsche Bluf 7 - 3rd floor, 2511 CN The Hague
- Hugo de Grootstraat 37, 2518 EC The Hague

And 1 in Rotterdam:
- Vijverhofstraat 47, 3032 SB Rotterdam

Some courses take place entirely online.
Please check your course page to see where your course takes place.

In the event of a lockdown due to COVID all lessons will continue online.

The minimum is 3 students per class, the maximum is 10 or 11.

If you already know some Dutch, you can start anytime - also after the course has already started. If you are a total beginner, please have a look at "Beginner 1" or "Intensive A2" for the starting dates.

Take our free language test: https://www.abcdutch.com/leveltest/
Or contact the school to make an appointment for a free intake:
Den Haag: info@abcdutch.com or 06 83 42 80 63
Rotterdam: rotterdam@abcdutch.com or 06 41 55 24 88

You can add your selected course to your cart with the buttons "book now" or "nearly full"


Payment is expected before the start of the course. This guarantees that a place for you will be reserved.
Payment can be made online, by bank transfer, card (Den Haag) or cash:

Den Haag: ABC Dutch
IBAN: NL45 INGB 0006 4379 73

Rotterdam: ABC Dutch Rotterdam
IBAN: NL15 INGB 0009 4200 99

In that case a suitable offer will be made, either by offering different classes or a refund.

Yes. All teachers are native Dutch, they are qualified and have many years of experience
teaching Dutch to foreigners and they are internationally aware.

Yes. In the Beginner courses, the teacher will also use some English to explain certain grammar and vocabulary. After that, as much Dutch as possible is spoken in class. That’s the best way to learn!

Our Dutch courses are divided into 10 different levels as follows:
- Beginner 1 = Beginner to Level A1-
- Beginner 2 = Level A1- to Level A1
- Pre-Intermediate 1 = Level A1 to Level A2-
- Pre-Intermediate 2 = Level A2- to Level A2
- Intermediate 1A = Level A2 to Level A2+
- Intermediate 1B = Level A2+ to Level A2+/B1-
- Intermediate 2A = Level A2+/B1- to Level B1-
- Intermediate 2B = Level B1- to Level B1
- Upper-Intermediate/ NT2 Exam II Prep = Level B1 to Level B2
- Advanced = Level B2 to Level C1

Evening courses: 8 weeks of 2 hrs a week = 16hrs
Intensive A2 course: 1-5 weeks, 15hrs p/week
Semi-Intensive B1: 3 weeks, 6 hrs p/week
Intensive Summer courses: 1-7 weeks, 20hrs p/week

De Opmaat: From Beginner 1 - Pre-Intermediate 2: 1 course is 1 level.
De Sprong: For Intermediate 1 and 2 it usually takes 2 courses (A+B) to complete 1 level.
De Finale / Nederlands op Niveau: It takes 3 courses to get from level B1 to level B2.
Nederlands naar perfectie: It takes 4 courses to get from level B2 to level C1.

Yes. If a student has a level that is either lower or higher, the student can then change into another group before the 3rd lesson. It is always in the best interest of both student and the school that our students are placed in their corresponding level.

Some of our courses are entirely online - this will be clearly mentioned on the course page.
In our physical classes we don't allow students to join lessons online. This is to ensure the high quality of our classes.

Yes, if you have attended a minimum of 80% of the lessons.

- De Opmaat: Beginner 1 - Pre-Intermediate 2 (A0 to A2)
- De Sprong: Intermediate 1 - Intermediate 2 (A2 to B1)
- De Finale: Nt2 Exam Prep (B1 to B2)
- Nederlands op Niveau: Upper-Intermediate (B1 to B2)
- Nederlands naar Perfectie: (B2 – C1)

You can buy them through our website, by adding the book to your cart after you've booked your course. Or you can buy them through an online bookshop or bol.com.
- De Opmaat: ISBN 9789024431991 (€49,95)
- De Sprong ISBN 9789024457656 (€49,95)
- De Finale ISBN 9789461055712 (€49,95)
- Nederlands op Niveau ISBN 9789046904411 (€48,50)
- Nederlands naar Perfectie  ISBN 9789046904527 (€48,50)

Please have a look at the website of our partner school ABC English: www.abcenglish.nl

More Questions?

On this page we try to answer all the questions you might have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions, we will be happy to answer them for you:

Den Haag:
06 - 83 42 80 63

06 - 41 55 24 88