Intermediate 1
Improve your Dutch rapidly ~ Become confident and fluent

Intermediate 1

Level before course: A2. You have participated in the courses Beginner 1 + 2 and Pre-Int 1+2, or a similar course.
Level after course: A2+

If you have reached level A2, we welcome you in our Intermediate 1 course. This Dutch course consists of part A and B, which can be followed in random order. Your teacher will advice you when you will be ready to take the next level, Intermediate 2.

By following this course, your Dutch will increase rapidly to a much higher level. New vocabulary is offered through reading texts and listening exercises which you will then use yourself in a different context through speaking and writing exercises. This proves to be a very effective method! Grammar previously taught will be repeated and expanded and the use of proverbs will be introduced to increase fluency. Topics include Study & Profession, Society, Geography and Communication.

Lessons are dynamic and students always come and go with a smile on their faces. Our enthusiastic and devoted teachers will make sure you will enjoy coming to class; so you will leave again with so much more confidence and knowledge. Learning is a lot easier when you’re having fun at the same time! Only Dutch is spoken in class. The teacher can also occasionally use English to clarify words or phrases when necessary.

NOTE: Intermediate 1 covers the first half of the book De Sprong. Intermediate 1 is split into 2 parts: A & B, which can be followed in random order. In general, it takes two courses (A + B) to complete level Intermediate 1.

Method: De Sprong (€46,95) ISBN 978 94 6105 287 2. This book is used in the courses Intermediate 1A, 1B, 2A and 2B. You can add the book to your cart after you’ve booked your course. You will then receive it from your teacher on your first day of class.

Attention: location: Haagsche Bluf 7 / Hugo de Grootstraat 37
* no lessons on 26th April, 2nd May and 20th June

Course dates

14 March - 9 May 2023 Tuesdays 17:30-19:30h* (1A) / Hugo de Grootstr
15 March - 10 May 2023 Wednesdays 19:30-21:30h* (1B) / Haagsche Bluf
15 May - 3 July 2023 Mondays 19:30-21:30h (1A) / Hugo de Grootstr
16 May - 11 July 2023 Tuesdays 17:30-19:30h* (1B) / Hugo de Grootstr

Course information

  • Location: Haagsche Bluf 7 - 3rd floor
    2511 CN The Hague
  • 8 weeks, 2 hours a week
  • Level A2 to A2+
  • 3 - 10 students
  • €275

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