Grammar & Conversation
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Grammar & Conversation

During lockdown, this course takes place online.
After lockdown: this course takes place at our COVID proof school.
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Level required: B2 – C1

Content: This course is for anyone with a level between B2 – C1 who wishes to freshen up and deepen their grammar knowledge, and most importantly applying everything you’ve learnt in speaking. Before the start of the course we will send you a checklist in which you can tell us which grammatical aspects you would like to work on. If desired, we practice with colloquial language, expressions, having discussions and giving presentations. This way we make a custom tailored program for you.

During the lessons your teacher will take you through the grammar and will make sure that the rules and any exceptions to the rules are fresh in your head (again). By going over it step by step and actively participating we make sure you make these rules your own. After this you will put into practice what you’ve learnt. The whole idea of mastering the grammar is to become so familiar with it that you can focus on other things, like content and pronunciation. The goal is to learn how to speak without thinking too much: it’s time to let the words and sentences roll out of your mouth with fluency. Because of the interactive character and a variety of topics, time flies while the entire focus is on speaking, speaking, speaking.

So join this course if you wish to freshen up and deepen your Dutch grammar knowledge, and wish to talk more fluently. After this course you will speak Dutch without thinking, have more confidence to join a chat, and sound like a real Dutchie!

Method: You don’t need to purchase any study books – all course materials are included.

Course dates

8 March - 26 April 2021 Mondays 18:00-19:30h

Course information

  • Location: Vijverhofstraat 47
    3032 SB Rotterdam
  • 8 weeks, 1.5 hrs p/week
  • Level: B2-C1
  • 3 - 8 students
  • €195,-

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