Civic Integration Exams A2/B1
Intensive Dutch course A2/B1 + Exam Training

Civic Integration Exams A2/B1

Since  you landed on this page, you must be interested in taking the Civic Integration Exams and you’d like to prepare yourself well for it. If you are obliged to integrate, you will receive a letter from the municipality with all information about which exams you have to take and when. You can also choose to take the Civic Integration Exams yourself, for example for naturalisation purposes or to increase your chances on the labor market.

What we can do for you at ABC Dutch:

Intensive A2:
Our Intensive A2 course is for anyone with a level between A0 and A2 who wants to quickly reach Dutch level A2. We will also guide those who are preparing for the Civic Integration Exam at level A2. We practice a lot with sample exams and we’ll give you lots of feedback and tips. Here you will find all information regarding the Intensive A2 course: Intensive A2

Semi-Intensive B1:
If you have completed our A2 course, or you’ve reached a level between A2 and B1 through another route, you are most welcome in our Semi-intensive B1 course. We will guide students who want to take exams at B1 level. Learning the language well is always paramount. Once that’s achieved, we’ll make sure you’ll successfully pass the exams by giving you the best preparation through explanations, examples, practice and feedback. Here you will find all information regarding the Semi-Intensive B1 course: Semi-Intensive B1

Course dates

Intensive A2
Semi-Intensive B1

Course information

  • Location: Haagsche Bluf 7 - 3rd floor
    2511 CN The Hague
  • Level A0 to A2/B1
  • 3 - 10 students

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