Meet the Team

We welcome you!


Founder / Director / Teacher

Hi and welcome to ABC Dutch! Real glad you’re here. I have been an NT2 Teacher since 2006.
At ABC Dutch we care about each individual student and their progress, therefore we only provide you withnative, dedicated, inspiring, experienced and certified Dutch teachers who will put YOU and your wishes, needs and development first. In a serious, yet fun way, we will make sure you achieve your goals learning or improving your Dutch.


Manager / Teacher

Hi, my name is Marloes. I’ve been working as a Dutch teacher since 2011 and I live in The Hague; I find both very inspiring! I love teaching because every class is different and for me I enjoy teaching you something that you can use straight away in your daily life - for example to be able to say what you’re up to in Dutch, improving the pronunciation of the Dutch ’g’ (as in ’Scheveningen’ ;-)) or answering your difficult questions about Dutch grammar: I really enjoy this as well as living in The Hague. It’s so nice to live close to the beach! I hope to see you soon in class to take your Dutch to the next level!


Teacher / Manager

Hi, I’m Vincent. Languages and communication are the driving force behind my career. Fascinated by the opportunities languages provide and their imposing limits at the same time, I enjoy teaching Dutch as a second language. I love playing with words and grammar, working in an international setting with students who all have their unique background, their unique story. Being fully aware of the challenge they took up by learning a new foreign language, I offer a diverse program. To me it is essential to have a pleasant and informal atmosphere, which guarantees that learning Dutch and having fun can go hand in hand. See you in class!


Director Rotterdam

Hello! My name is Renee. When I found myself in front of a class for the first time back in 2009 I instantly knew: this is it! The Dutch language has always fascinated me and I love passing on my knowledge and passion to others - even if they don’t ask for it ;-). There’s a lot of interaction in my lessons, you will receive a lot of feedback and I explain grammar in an easy and simple way. Being creative I love games, songs and drawing: this makes all lessons effective as well as fun! And probably most important is a good atmosphere with a great sense of humor. I look forward to it! You too?



My name is Boris and I was born in Leiden where I also studied Dutch linguistics at university. Since 2011, I have been enjoying teaching students from various countries. I find the international character of this work very inspiring. During my lessons I aays try and create an informal atmosphere in which the passing on of knowledge can flow easily. If you would also like to take your Dutch to a higher level, then I will hopefully see you in class



My name is Elize and I’ve been a Dutch teacher for quite a while now. There’s an extra dimension to the lessons at ABC Dutch due to the different nationalities of the students.
Besides the Dutch language, everyone likes to learn about the Dutch culture as well. This makes our groups very motivating and fun at the same time!



Hi! My name is Aneta. I started working as a language teacher twelve years ago. I find languages fascinating. Learning a new language truly has the potential to change your life and offers an alternative perspective on how to see the world. It’s very important to have teachers who make you feel enthusiastic and comfortable, and don’t make grammar more complicated than it already is. Successful education of any kind must be engaging, and the best way to capture students’ attention is to make lessons fun! I wish you the very best with your language journey and hope we meet soon at ABC Dutch!



Hi all! My name is Barry. Since 2010, I have been working as a Dutch Language teacher and as a drum teacher since 2003. Both language and music are a form of communication. As I’m committed to (good) communication and to helping people, I chose these two professions. I’m an open book, so if you have any questions, you can always ask. See you soon!



My name is Antonette and since 2011 I’ve been teaching Dutch with much pleasure. The Dutch language, and especially grammar, is my passion. To me it is really important to teach students at the right level, to make (and keep) you enthusiastic about Dutch and to not only pay attention to things you still have to learn but also focus on everything you already know well. I hope to see you soon at ABC Dutch



Hi everyone! I’m Sandra. With much pleasure, I’ve been teaching Dutch to students from a variety of different countries for many years now. Language and culture are a common theme in my life and therefore in my lessons too! For that reason you don’t only get all the ins and outs of Dutch grammar and spelling, we also talk a lot about the Dutch culture. We practice in Dutch as much as possible, so you will cover the basics quickly and use Dutch yourself. Do you also want to learn or improve your Dutch? Then I hope to see you soon in class! ’Gezellig’, see you soon!