As of 29th November 2021 until further notice:
All evening courses take place online.
Face to face day courses will continue to take place at the school.

Face to face classes:


     Haagsche Bluf 7, Den Haag                   Vijverhofstraat 47, Rotterdam             Hugo de Grootstraat 37, Den Haag

We will provide you with guidelines to ensure that we all stay healthy and safe. You will need to wear a face mask at the school, which you can take off when you sit down. There’s disinfectant and alcohol-containing handgel and spray and the school will be frequently cleaned. In case you have to be quarantined or you have symptoms of a cold, you can attend the lesson online. There’s a maximum of 9 students per class.

Online courses:

How does it work:
The student can download the software for free:
On the day of your course you will receive a link that will automatically connect you to the lesson with your teacher.

Once the lesson starts, you can all hear and see each other on the screen. Your teacher will conduct the lesson as usual, using interactive tools like a whiteboard, online games, video’s etc. If you have a question, you can show your hand and your teacher will allow you to speak, or you can use the chat function. In the so called “breakout rooms” you can work in separate little groups, and your teacher can hop from one group to another to help with the exercises. There’s a maximum of 10 students per class.

So, sign up for your course now and come and join us!