Nt2 exam preparation

10th January - 28th February (8 weeks), there are spaces available
Wednesday 19:00 - 21:00
3 - 11 students
Level required B1
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This ABC course prepares participants for the NT2 State Exam Program 2. This is an upper-intermediate exam for Dutch students. This is an ideal level for anyone who wants to work or study in a Dutch-speaking environment. It shows that you are becoming skilled in this language.
In the course we will work with the study book De Finale, which is designed to prepare students for the actual exam. In addition, we practise with sample exams and we give you personal feedback to prepare you in the best way possible.
All aspects of the exam, Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing are given equal importance.
It may take a maximum of 3 courses to complete the study book from level B1 to B2 - but some are ready after just one or two NT2 Preparation courses. By giving you the ’best of the best’ of many sample exams, we carefully monitor your development and advise you when you will be ready to take the exam.