Beginner 1

11th January - 22nd February (7 weeks), (almost full, book now)
Thursday 19:30 - 21:30
3 - 11 students
Level required A0
Next course starts: 5th March 2018 (book now)

The Beginner 1 course is for students who want learn Dutch from scratch. We will teach you the basics of the Dutch language, including: the alphabet, verbs in the present tense, the use of the articles de and het, syntax, vocabulary, days of the week, telling the time, family, how to make appointments and suggestions, expressing your opinion and we will practice how to communicate whilst shopping.

We work with different themes and every lesson pays attention to all different components such as reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary, speaking and writing. Each lesson has a clear structure of repetition, instruction, practicing in pairs or small groups, working independently and we often play fun games to retain your attention in a pleasurable and productive way.